Pure Taboo Rolls Out Director Showcase from Ricky Greenwood, “Jane Doe”

Adult Time’s multi-award-winning studio Pure Taboo announces a brand-new Director’s Showcase with Ricky Greenwood, “Jane Doe” - with streaming available for members on May 7 at AdultTime.com.
May 08 2024

The dramatic featurette stars Brand Ambassadors Tommy Pistol and Casey Calvert (in a non-sex role) about a lonely morgue employee who becomes increasingly infatuated with a lifeless Jane Doe (Ashley Lane) during the process of dutifully preparing her body on the table.

“Jane Doe was a story I wanted to tell for many years. This movie needed the perfect balance between erotic, taboo and disturbing,” said Greenwood, who wrote and directed the featurette. “When I started writing the first words of the script I knew Tommy Pistol and Ashley Lane would be the perfect duo for it. I did many projects with those two and I love creating with them. I think Jane Doe is the perfect fit for Pure Taboo. It makes you uncomfortable, but you can’t stop watching it. I’m very grateful to Adult Time for letting me create this story.”

Mills, Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer, stated, “At Adult Time, we pride ourselves on our collaborative efforts with performers while also offering our producers opportunities to explore their creativity. Our core producing teams work on a wide variety of series for us, yet they’re encouraged to bring their personal projects and fresh ideas to us as well. To support this, we’ve created space in our programming for Director Showcases, rewarding those who surpass our expectations and align with our values to flex their own ideas too!”

Calvert remarked, “I’m so excited ‘Jane Doe’ is finally coming out! This was such a wild and weird day on set; I can’t wait to hear what the fans think. I love the crazy ideas that spawn from Ricky Greenwood’s brain, and I’m so glad I got to be a small part of this incredibly unique scene.”

Lane added, “I loved shooting this scene. When Ricky Greenwood asked me to do it, I immediately said yes — I love doing all of his out-of-the-ordinary ideas. Working with Tommy Pistol is the absolute best and, honestly, he is the only person who could have played this character. I’m very curious to see what people think of the scene. Yes, it may be a bit darker than usual, but that’s why it was so appealing to me personally.”

“Jane Doe” is available at PureTaboo.com and on the AdultTime.com streaming network, where members enjoy access to more than 63,000 premium scenes, 420 channels and 8 new releases per day – of Adult Time’s award-winning brands.

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