Kitt Jones Shines as May Newbie Spotlight for ChickPass Amateurs

May 13 2024

Google defines “amateurs” as “popular, informal, self-taught, and user-generated.” These terms not only describe what it takes to become a Best New Starlet hopeful in the world of adult films but also define the exact type of performer that owner Logan Drake searches for when casting his one-of-a-kind productions for It is one of the main columns supporting his ‘Roman Colesium’ of porn that fans have come to love and enjoy within his brand. For the May ChickPass Newbie Spotlight, the exquisite Kitt Jones will be featured in two of his latest XXX releases. A performer worthy of such titles and more. 

“Kitt Jones is one of the most talented, hungry new performers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has something about her that just grows on you. That is why I had to release her work in quick succession. She quite literally knocked my socks off, as you will see in our boy/girl encounter. I see so much potential for her in this industry. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to showcase a talent like her. It is a real pleasure.”

Logan Drake

Watch Kitt Jones Takes a Ride on Logan’s Dick >>

This woman is an erotic artist through and through. This Las Vegas-based starlet is Logan Drake’s latest muse at Her two scenes have fans reacting steadily and soundly when it comes to her powerful and erotic performances. Speaking of oral wonders….

Watch Kitt Jones Debuts With a Dick in Her Mouth. >>

“Working with ChickPass was a total dream. I felt like a star all day.

From the moment I arrived, Logan had all my outfits laid out and the scenes organized. It was a stress-free, fun workday.“ –Kitt Jones.

Few productions have ever had the story that this one does. Kitt Jones Debuts With a Dick in Her Mouth began when another ChickPass regular, Dacey Belle, contacted Logan Drake about one of her ‘must meet’ was coming to town and needing a reliable studio to work with. What ended up happening was I was what one could describe as a “porn first.” Dacey ended up having a shoot of her own canceled, which led to her working as the videographer for both of these shoots featured today. All while another of our “Punky” soon-to-be showcased models shot behind-the-scenes extras. Kitt Jones turned this into a porn star production from start to finish, from pre-production to post. That is what happens when you let professionalism and artistry guide your actions. It is a true story that is the ChickPass Amateurs standard. 

That is what you will get with every Newbie Spotlight. Make sure to see everything that is Kitt Jones and ChickPass Amateurs. >>

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