Emiri Momota Has a Toilet Encounter of the Alien Kind at Hentaied

Real-life porn hentai porn site Hentaied hentaied.com has a brand-new scene starring Hentaied universe exclusive contract star Emiri Momota, and she’s taking a trip to the toilet she’ll never forget.
May 12 2024

Directed by Roberto DiSuna, “Toilet Encounters 4” opens with Emiri Momota going to the restroom, not knowing it will be her worst nightmare. Dressed all in black with towering heels, she drops her lace panties and sits on the toilet. Before Emiri knows it, a tentacle wraps around her ankles, and another tentacle emerges from the toilet, making its way into her mouth. With no choice but to give it a tentacle job, Emiri does and uses her hands to manipulate it. The evil tentacled monster fills her mouth with copious amounts of alien jizz. With barely time to take a breath, the tentacle from the toilet is back and headed for Emiri’s pussy. She grabs the walls, steadies herself, and two tentacles wrap around her wrists. The alien monster fills her pussy before Emiri passes out on the floor with her arms and legs still bound. On her back, the alien monster enters her pussy and her mouth for another round until both tentacles unload simultaneously. With her body covered in cum, Emiri crawls to the toilet; a tentacle gets her front behind, and another pops up from the toilet going straight for her mouth.

“This is definitely Emiri’s worst nightmare. The fans are really enjoying this one, especially the parts filmed from inside the toilet up where you get an incredible view of her being fucked,” says creator, writer, and producer Romero Mr. Alien.

Watch the trailer and exclusive scene for “Toilet Encounters 4” at hentaied.com/toilet-encounters-4.

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