Following a highly successful appearance at the 2024 AVN Convention in Las Vegas, Voss has signed a deal to create the first-ever full sized, exact replica sex doll modeled after her persona.

Riding high on her recent achievements and the esteemed representation of the online content platform at the convention, Violet Voss connected with Scott, a top representative from IronTech Doll, during the Adult Entertainment Expo. Their discussions quickly led to an exciting opportunity to bring a hyper-realistic aspect of Voss’s allure to her fans in a way never done before.

IronTech Doll is at the forefront of innovation within the adult industry,

proclaimed Voss.

After meeting with numerous manufacturers, it was clear that IronTech had the highest quality and most realistic products on the market. This collaboration allows me not only to ensure an authentic physical likeness, including makeup stylings and intimate details, but also to infuse the doll with my personality, creating an unparalleled Violet Voss experience.

What sets the Violet Voss sex doll apart is the level of creative control Violet has over its creation, guaranteeing an exact replication of her figure, down to the most intimate details. Currently many dolls offer basic artificial intelligence (AI) such as realistic touch sensors and interactive features that enable responsive movements, sounds, and other functions, so being with one of these dolls is as close as you’re likely to come, on heaven or earth, to being with Violet Voss. But it doesn’t end there, plans are underway for future models to adopt Voss’s unique personality traits through advanced AI.

Violet Voss is confident this partnership with IronTech will strengthen her brand and continue to delight fans of I Need Violet, and her newest production company, Authority Angels.

Anticipation is already surging for the doll’s official launch, targeted for Fetcon in August 2024. The exquisite product will be an exclusive offering from IronTech Dolls, purchasable solely through their direct channels.

Product Launch Details:

Availability: Exclusive to IronTech Doll