Sex-Ed Resource Beducated Finds Women Twice as Likely as Men to Report Low Libido

Beducated recently conducted a comprehensive survey to better understand current sexual wellness trends, with some surprising - and not-so-surprising - results.
Apr 17 2024

The popular sex education resource polled 2,000 individuals and uncovered a curious trove of information, including the discovery that women are nearly twice as likely as men to report experiencing low libido – 1 in 4 women rated their libido as ‘low’ or ‘nonexistent’, with men reporting that women’s libido diminishes in longer relationships – shedding light on significant gender disparities in sexual health.

While many personal, physiological and societal factors contributing to lower libido in women, such as hormonal fluctuations, stress, anxiety, depression, past traumatic experiences, physical health conditions, lifestyle factors, body image and relationship issues factor into the equation, Beducated seeks to understand and explore the multifaceted aspects of sexual wellness and fostering a more inclusive conversation around it.

“Our surveys are vital in uncovering the real sentiments people hold about their sexual health,” said Beducated co-founder Mariah Freya. “Discovering the disparity in how men and women report low libido challenges us to think critically about societal norms and the role of education in changing perceptions.

“Our aim with Beducated is to utilize these insights to adapt our platform according to our users’ needs, ensuring it becomes a catalyst for positive change in addressing and normalizing discussions around sexual wellness for everyone.”

Beducated stands as the world’s largest sex-ed platform for adults, emphasizing the importance of sexual wellness as a core component of overall health. By pioneering comprehensive and accessible digital sex education, Beducated highlights the understanding and importance of sexual wellness in people’s lives, encouraging an environment where every individual feels informed, supported, and empowered.

The Beducated poll results are available at For the PDF version, click HERE.

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