ChickPass Amateurs Unveils Second Series of NFT Collectibles

Apr 09 2024

The company that has been making the end-of-winter one of the most unforgettable porn seasons in recent memory is back at creating truly buzzworthy industry news. In these past three weeks, you have seen that range in the productions and performances of the ChickPass Amateurs brand. Owner Logan Drake, a man who graduated from an institute of higher learning dedicated to the arts, has something beyond unique to announce and showcase to the hungry fans of the adult entertainment world, looking for something different, collectible, and one-of-a-kind. ChickPass Amateurs is proud to announce its second set of unlockable NFT collectibles. Created by StripperCoin. This new-age crypto marvel is innovative and creative and is what the digital age of adult video will be remembered for.

“I think that fans have been waiting for a long time to have something in the porn world that is worth collecting and trading again. This partnership with StripperCoin is a creative way to give fans something they have never had in the digital age. Something that gives the ChickPass Amateur scenes something even more distinctive and unique than most porn companies that exist in the marketplace today.”

Logan Drake

This second series of collectible NFTs will soon be made available from The first set was simply an astounding success. The next set, numbering around one hundred pieces of digital art, each powerful piece will grant access to fans who purchase a scene that is unavailable anywhere else within the voluminous library of ChickPass Amateurs content. If that does not say “collectible,” I do not know what is.

“StripperCoin is dedicated to creating something that continues to gain value as time goes on for both fans and the ChickPass Amateurs company. These royalty-retaining collectibles will be something that gives back to artists, performers, and companies like nothing else has in the world of adult films and entertainment. My company has been looking to make our presence known at each event industry event and gathering. Our next will be at eXXXotica Chicago from April 12th through the 14th. I hope that fans enjoy what we have in store for them both at the expo and with this second release with Logan and ChickPass Amateurs.” –Slim, StripperCoin CEO

Stay tuned to the ChickPass Amateurs brands to see which scene will be the next big collectible you must get your hands on! >>

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