One of the keys to a happy life is a healthy sex life, and there is always more to learn about our sexual selves,

says Beducated co-founder Mariah Freya.

Since spring is all about getting frisky, we felt it was the perfect time to offer our resources for yourself – or someone special – at a much lower price.

A recent Beducated poll found that 50% of those surveyed like to try something new in the bedroom and 95% wish their partner (48%) or themselves (47%) would open up more about their ‘wants, needs, and boundaries’; 21% have tried a threesome/group sex, which poll respondents said was their most popular fantasy to try, and 7% said they have engaged in swinging. “This tells us that sex education is important at every age and stage of our relationships to open up a world of intimate possibilities.”

Membership to Beducated includes unlimited access to 100+ detailed and informative sex and intimacy courses led by top educators and experts, as well as the ‘AI Sex Coach’, an intuitive conversational chatbot to help guide the conversation towards a better understanding of sexual wellness.

No matter your relationship status, sexual orientation or gender, Beducated gives its members the opportunity to elevate their knowledge, explore their curiosity and expand their world of learning and exploration,

adds Freya.

As a valuable educational resource that prioritizes, above all, personal pleasure, we invite new members to take a free tour of Beducated to unlock a higher level of happiness.

The Beducated poll results are available at For the PDF version, click HERE.

To learn more, visit to discover an insightful censor-free variety of 100+ pleasure-based sex education courses covering everything from self-pleasure to kink exploration, with subscriptions starting at $9.99 a month for an annual pass. Non-subscribers can also explore the service with a 24-hour free trial.