In response to a recent Decoding Desire survey of nearly 2,000 respondents, Beducated found that 60% of men and women were not satisfied with the current state of their sex lives, with the survey revealing a variety of factors contributing to this widespread dissatisfaction, including a lack of communication between partners, insufficient knowledge about sexual health and pleasure, and prevailing myths and misconceptions surrounding sexuality.

The 7 sins of a dead bedroom include

  • The Sin of Silence – 95% of survey respondents expressed a lack of communication – not voicing desires, needs and boundaries
  • The Sin of Wanting More – Most people wish they had more sex, yet survey data revealed that more sex doesn’t equal a happy sex life; with 1 in 5 long-term couples suffering from a libido mismatch, Beducated emphasizes focusing on quality over quantity
  • The Sin of Routine – 50% of participants said they yearned to try something fresh in the bedroom, with experimentation and new techniques suggested to keep things interesting
  • The Sin of Chasing an Orgasm – the survey revealed that 2 out of 3 women admitted to having faked an orgasm to avoid hurting their partner’s ego, as prolonging sex until one of the parties reaches climax can be counterproductive. Forget about the orgasm and focus on the pleasure itself; if sex doesn’t feel good at any point, there is no shame in stopping or taking breaks
  • The Sin of Not Taking Care of Yourself – 61% of Decoding Desire participants said stress directly impacted their sex lives, and practicing mental and physical self-care, along with more physical activity and exercise, can boost sexual satisfaction, desire and confidence
  • The Sin of Inequality – 1 in 4 women experience low or absent libido – nearly double the rate of men. Being mindful of partners’ daily stresses and taking more time to explore intimate moments together can help balance the inequality

The Sin of Not Educating Yourself – Data from Decoding Desire found that Beducated students were 67% more likely to be satisfied with their sex lives than the general average. This goes to show that sex education should be treated as a life-long learning process, not a one-off class as teenagers

Couples often find their passion dimming amid the hustle of daily life, children and the sheer exhaustion of day-to-day responsibilities. It’s easy to get caught in a rut, but by recognizing your ‘sins’ and making changes through education and practice, couples can reignite their desires, explore new pleasures and deepen their bond.

Beducated remains dedicated to its mission of promoting sexual wellness and satisfaction through education by addressing the root causes of dissatisfaction and providing accessible, inclusive educational resources. Beducated looks to foster a more open and fulfilling sexual culture with ongoing efforts to expand its offerings and continue its mission as leading advocate for education as the key to unlocking a happier, healthier sex life for all.

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