Bamboozled American Sex Toy Consumers Suffer at The Hands of Chinese Sex Toy Factories Aided and Abetted by Amazon

Apr 03 2024

Brian Sloan, inventor of the Autoblow brand of sexual appliances for men is sounding the alarm on a scam that is harming the sex lives and depleting the wallets of countless American consumers: cheap sex toys on Amazon with fake reviews. As a sex toy inventor and manufacturer for the past 16 years, he has watched as Chinese factory direct sex toy brands have taken almost every top spot on Amazon’s sex toy marketplace due to their mastery of methods to break Amazon review-related rules and FTC laws regarding fake reviews.

In a 7 minute video, Sloan examines some of the top selling male sex toys on the Amazon marketplace, with one automated stroker topping out at over 9,000 units sold per month. The video exposes some of the methods the Chinese factory-direct Amazon sex toy sellers use to get fake reviews from customers including sending refunds and pre-paying customers to buy their products in order to leave 5-star reviews. Using websites designed to detect the hallmarks of fake Amazon reviews, he exposes that some of the top Amazon sex toys have up to 65% of their reviews written by buyers who left only a single review – an obvious hallmark of a concerted fake review scam designed to induce other consumers into buying the fraudulently highly reviewed product.

Autoblow inventor Brian Sloan said “The harm to American consumers is not only financial but it is sexual as well. Many American consumers turn to Amazon as a trusted marketplace to buy their first sex toys, but after being induced into buying poorly made products that do not provide pleasure, it may deter them from further experimentation with sex toys, depriving them of the future benefits the devices can offer for enjoyment, health, and relationship enhancement purposes.

Finding the sellers doing this would be an easy task for Amazon. They should have employees search for and join the fake sex toy reviewer groups and then ban the sellers giving away free products in exchange for 5-star reviews. The only reason Amazon does not do this is because they make too much money not doing it.”

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