The gorgeous Dayton, Ohio-based performer, who took the reins as writer/director for each of these scenes as well, co-stars with newcomer Mara Lynn for a wild showcase, “The Pervert Mara Lynn”; with Jay Robb for a playful fantasy scene, “Sofia Zaragoza Corrupted the New Photographer” and also alongside Jay Robb in “Me and My Stepbrother Went on Vacation”.

"I'm thrilled to step into the role of both a performer and filmmaker; I've long dreamed of being a successful entertainer, but I realized that to shoot the kind of scenes I envision, I had to take control by writing and directing them myself,” said Zaragoza, who recently launched her own production studio, Zaragoza Studios Productions.

With my new studio and collaborations with producers such as Jay Robb Photography, I have the freedom to create exactly what I want and learn everything about performing and filmmaking from the ground up. Rather than waiting for opportunities, I'm making my own, and I couldn't be more excited about the journey ahead.
- Sofia Zaragoza