Is there anything that this latest creation from the keen minds within one of the greatest production companies of the digital age, and it is made all that much better with MILF Performer of the Year 2022 Reagan Foxx, as she proudly announces her latest starring role, with one of her absolute favorite set of co-stars and companies that she has ever worked with? The leader of the Foxx Nation continues her quest for January gold in While He Watches. Starring Adult Time Ambassador Lexi Luna and Ken Feels. Better get your sunglasses out, even at night, because these shining stars will give you something to stare at.

What an honor it is to be cast with the Adult Time brand ambassador. She deserves so much of this spotlight, and I think so much is in store for Lexi Luna. I adore her, and I love how she carries herself both on screen and off—Adult Time made the best choice possible by making her a brand ambassador. Then, there is Ken Feels. This is the second straight time that we have been cast together, and each time has been better than the last. He is a phenomenal actor. A male talent who knows how to handle the heat from ladies like us who always look to set the screen ablaze.
- Reagan Foxx

Trust us, you have never seen lesbian/voyeur sex with this caliber of talent. Each kiss and caress is something to write home about, and when was the last time you could say that when it comes to talent this massive and well-known? While He Watches showcases the versatility of Reagan Foxx. One of my most widely recognized faces in the history of porn. Now paired with another MILF talent who is following her footsteps and bringing fans something they have never seen from the world of Adult Time, and the sexy MILFs that continue to make it the place to be to get the very best in the world of X-rated entertainment when it comes to this genre that Adult Time helped build and turn into a pop-culture phenomenon.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Reagan, and I had so much fun making this scene come to life. She’s a really talented performer and a genuine person who I love chatting with between takes, and both of those qualities go a long way toward making it a fun day at work and a really great scene.
- Ken Feels