However, her fitness includes more than her toned, athletic biceps and body. Being fit in mind, spirit, and sexuality also defines the Fitwife Jewels brand. This is how Fitwife Jewels managed to do something that few other performers have done in the history of porn, and that is to have a production company create an entirely new sub-genre of porn due to your debut, deliverance, and power. With this monumental achievement, Fitwife Jewels presents her next independent production, Fitwife Jewels Brings Out The Gunz—Starring Mae and Tony Gunz and the one and only Krystal Davis. Powerhouse performers and performances that are only fitting after doing what she has now done in the MILF world.

I love it when energies flow effortlessly between people while having sex, like in this video with Tony, Mae, and Krystal Davis. It’s a time when everyone has shifted their attention from their busy minds down into their quiet bodies. That is where the cosmic energies flow, navigating the focus to create sensations never felt before. Because with these three unique individuals, it can never be replicated. Social norms, judgments, and hesitations remain outside. This is a space of exploration and satisfaction.
- Fitwife Jewels

Brings Out The Gunz

Starring Fitwife Jewels, Mae, Tony Gunz and Krystal Davis.

These starlets on the rise have all taken command of the independent world. Ladies known for tours, orgies, sex, and a style that are second to none on that side of the industry and soon to be many others. Now, they “cum” together to bring the fans something even more provocative. With the aforementioned Tony Gunz, a male talent fit to handle this caliber of compelling females. Fitwife Jewels Brings Out The Gunz is group sex done with authority and deep passion. Created with three of the most dedicated starlets in the business. Ladies and a gent who love what they do take no prisoners and have no regrets after the dust has settled. If you want to see the definition of commanding group sex, Fitwife Jewels is the woman you want to see, along with her many hired “Gunz.”

Being sexually open requires a great deal of courage and confidence. And being in front of a camera doesn’t make that any easier! It’s a journey of becoming comfortable and being able to embrace the body you’re in. The Gunz and Krystal Davis have built up that confidence, and you can see it when they’re in front of the camera. It’s like they don’t even realize it’s there and instead lose themselves in the moment. That’s what makes this scene so hot!
- Fitwife Jewels