DeVille talks with Senior Showbiz Reporter Scarlett O'Toole about her life as a successful traveling physical therapist and clinical instructor who was approached by a photographer friend in 2011 to model for him and subsequently shot some nude photos and content with friends.

For me, it was really, really gradual. I didn't just one day decide I was going to quit being a physical therapist and start being an adult performer. In fact, my original I guess foray into sex work was just as a weekend job.
- Cherie DeVille

She says she assumed that her modeling jobs would be sporadic “and that is where I thought it would stop as sort of a little side hustle, a little extra money, some joy to bring to myself in that creative outlet. Until I got a message on from my current adult film agent, Sandra from OC Modeling”, and DeVille was soon on her way to Los Angeles.

After cutting back on her physical therapy work, DeVille enjoyed full-time work as a performer, and the COVID-19 pandemic enabled her to shoot more independent content. "When the world opened back up, I had become so busy with my online platform that I actually didn't really have time to do both jobs. And finally I took that one little toe in therapy out."