Boss Lady Alison Rey Demands Respect at MeanBitches

You’ve never seen the gorgeous fan favorite quite like this!
Apr 16 2024

Alison Rey plays a boss who takes no guff from insubordinate employees in her remarkable return to Glenn King’s MeanBitches studio.

In Mean Bitch Boss 13, Miss Rey learns that one of her employees [King] has no respect for her.  He’d heard that other employees had disrespected her and gotten away with it (see 2015’s Slave Orders starring Rey and Julie Cash), and so he foolishly thought he could get away with it too. But little does he know, Rey is no longer a pushover. 

Instead, she decides to teach him a lesson, by taking full control of him, dominating and humiliating him, and making sure he knows what a pathetic loser he is.  When he realizes how dominant and assertive Rey has become, he swears to become a good employee, but she makes him get on all fours and puts her foot on his back while she tells him what his new job will be like.  She makes him say, “I WILL LICK YOUR ASS TO KEEP MY JOB”, and then turns around and bends over, pulls up her skirt, grabs his face and pulls it into her.  Then she sits on his face while telling him all about his new 80 hour work week… and finally, she lays on her desk so he can lick her superior asshole.

It’s just another day at the office for Miss Alison Rey.

“I had always known that Alison was tremendous at playing submissive roles, and usually that means that someone can be good at switching to dominant roles . . . but ‘good’ is understatement here,” raved MeanBitches founder, Hall of Fame director Glenn King.  “Alison Rey is one of the best dommes we have seen in the 20+ years of MeanBitches.  She’s amazing at both the physical and verbal aspects of femdom.  Our fans are going to love this scene and ask for more of Alison!”

A very flattered Rey commented: “My return to was a complete 180.  The last time I was on Glenn’s set, in 2015, I played a submissive boss, who let Julie Cash push her around.  In my return, I’m older, wiser and meaner.

“Having never done a femdom scene in front of a whole crew, I was actually a bit intimidated and nervous when we started rolling.  I got about two minutes into filming and had to stop and ask to start over; I felt my nerves coming up and not feeling super confident in my abilities to pull off this character. I took a breath, took a power stance, then launched into this character. 

“I have been exploring my dominant side a lot in this past year and it’s a side of myself that I wasn’t aware existed until recently,” Rey revealed.  “I even surprise myself with how much I enjoy taking on that much power, and I think fans are going to be very surprised by my performance. It is a definite change from what they’re used to seeing from me, but I am certain that fans of this genre will love seeing what I am capable of beyond the innocence and submission that is typically featured in my scenes.”

For more information about Mean Bitch Boss 13 – Alison Rey, and to view the NSFW trailer, visit: / and follow MeanBitches on X: @MeanBitchesxxx

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