The studio is known for their outrageously fun and sexy content and this new release, "Ameena Takes Two Brick Dicks," with Ameena Green, Ace Bigs, as her boyfriend, and Brickzilla, as Bigs’ stepdad is no exception.

The scene is an absolute red-hot show of fireworks and drops July 4th.

In the scene, Ameena and her boyfriend Ace were enjoying some intimate time together, completely unaware that his stepdad, Brickzilla, was awake and heading towards the shower. On his way, Brickzilla noticed what was going down on the sofa, snapped a few pics, and went into the bathroom where he was taking care of business.

I haven’t been back to Florida in almost 2 years, so I was filled with delight- among other things - when shooting for Bang Bros again! It was an extreme honor to return back to one of my favorite directors ever, Jacob!
- Ameena Green

Ameena, needing a bathroom break, walked in on Brickzilla and was pleasantly surprised by the size of his package. Just after she began to play with it, Ace walked in on the pair and was stunned when Ameena proposed they all have fun together. Before they knew it, Brickzilla and Ace were both enjoying family fun time together with Ameena.

It was also amazing to not only work with Brickzilla again but to meet new talent, Ace Bigs. Both of them are so darling and it was exciting to take two big dicks- it has been a long while since I’ve done it! The scene was so much fun and I can’t wait for fans to see. It’s always a pleasure to work for Bang Bros and I can’t wait to watch the scene myself!
- Ameena Green

The unexpected stepfamily threesome turned into an unforgettable experience, with Ameena taking center stage on the living room sofa. Fans of Ameena, Ace, Brickzilla, and Bang Bros will not want to miss this one.