Naughty America is a brand that seems just to be getting bigger and bigger as the years go on. We believe such monuments are erected through the flow of talented female models that set a standard and a pace that simply brings out the splendidness that is Naughty America. That brings us to this very special model debut within their web pages. Addyson James, the “Desert Rose,” is proud to announce her Naughty America debut in Sexy Blond MILF Addyson James Finds Her Son’s Friends Hard Cock Under The Covers. Co-starring new male stud Zane Walker.

What do I remember the most about this particular debut? My year has been filled with so many, and I have been grateful for each and every one of them. Zane Walker has a confidence and style that stands out. What you see in that trailer leads to over thirty minutes of passionate, powerful sex. With two positively charged ions cumming together to make everything explode in that room. I have been told by many lovers and colleagues that my pussy can get rather damp from time to time. That glistening refraction you see as my pussy goes up and down Zane’s cock can only be described as what I do best. Nothing was added or faked. Combine that with some of the most stunning photography, shot by one of the best production crews I have worked with so far, and what you get is my model debut. It was unforgettable.
- Addyson James

Hard cocks can only “cum” to be created when there is something there to make them rise to the occasion. That is what Addyson James would say best describes this scene. You get to see two alphas come out and play. Complete with comedic characters, situations, and MILF authority that is vintage Naughty America. Sexy Blond MILF Addyson James Finds Her Son’s Friends Hard Cock Under The Covers may possibly be Addyson James’ top work to date. All within the confines of a company that does not skimp on production value. With over three-hundred sex stills to warm you up, followed by a XXX video that makes you understand why you go 4K or go home when it comes to the porn you consume, and the companies that make it. Giving fans a signature glimpse of the performer whose beauty makes all of that possible. That is Addyson James’ Naughty America debut, and why you can not afford to miss it. We have a feeling that this will be the first of many visits from the Desert Rose.