Janice Griffith – Coupledom

"Janice and Markus love to play games and they have just invited in their latest conquest. Once the rules have been established, its time to let the fun commence." Deeper
Feb 21 2024

Deeper.com produces great scenes but occasionally they produce scenes which just resonate on a different level. The performers connect with their characters. The script lifts the characters off the page. The lighting lifts it even further and then the Director whisks all those ingredients together to create something extremely palatable. Parallels with making a soufflé are incredibly relevant here. Timing and temperature are important too. We all enjoy the occasional wife or daughter caught in the window or under the table. But nothing compares to a well acted, well written and well directed scenario which could (minus the hardcore sex) sit well in a Netflix movie.

In ‘Coupledom’ it all comes together beautifully to create a perfect storm of realism and in some moments it pushes the needle over into sublime. The vast majority of credit has to go to Janice Griffith for her acting and Kayden Kross for her eye and imagination. But this wouldn’t have even been possible without Liv Wild, Markus Dupree and Oliver Davis who add the seasoning to the final two-part dish.

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