Ameena Green is without question the thinking man’s muse. Wonderfully talented and now finally getting the recognition and scenes she deserves. However, I have to make a declaration of interest before I write another word. I know Ameena Green. She is a rarity in the adult industry. Approachable, polite, sincere and deeply appreciative of the people who help and support her. I have watched her career rise from the side-lines and waited for the bigger studios to fold her talent into their productions. Now in her first Vixen shoot she gets that opportunity….. and she does not disappoint.

The set up is short but long enough. The sex scenes are framed and composed well. Ameena looks exotic and hot (no change there). Maximo Garcia, who I imagine could make most men feel inadequate on a good day, is a great co-star and their chemistry is apparent throughout the scene. Kudos to the casting team for that pairing!

Directed by the award winning Laurent Sky, who brings a very polished style to the scene along with some beautifully shot close ups (check out his work in Sky delivers a strong standalone scene and in turn delivers a great first scene for Ameena. In what will hopefully be one of many for the studio.

Ameena has definitely got the ‘acting chops’ and confidence for roles like this. So, I hope Vixen pours her talent into future productions because she’ll slide into these roles with ease. Again, I am biased, but she is a star in the making. Her beauty, sexuality and personality always shines in her work. So, I would argue that expressing admiration for her talent whilst cheering equally for her career trajectory, is not really a bias. It’s simply stating the obvious.

She also has one of the best X (formerly Twitter) account names: @pussycopia