Okay, let’s get past the obvious fact that this was Carter Cruise’s first interracial shoot (Seriously, who cares about that these days?). Directed by Greg Lansky and dripped like warm honey into Blacked.com in four parts in 2015. This Carter Cruise series (in my opinion) really put Blacked.com on the map and created the episodic storyline genre which Vixen continues to successfully use to this day.

But what makes it a classic? Everything. Carter Cruise, apart from being drop dead gorgeous, owns the role of Kate and delivers four great performances within four well cast and shot episodes. We’re not only given a great timeline of events, we are taken on a journey of exploration by her character which makes the entire four part series shine like a diamond in the Blacked.com portfolio.

Episode one sees a great poolside scene develop between Carter Cruise, Flash Brown and Jason Brown, which moves to the showers. This acts as a precursor to the first main scene between Carter Cruise and Jason Brown. (Note: I always refer to this as the “blue pool to blue lingerie” episode)

Episode two brings the inventible “bring a friend” scene. This is yet another visually stunning masterclass by Lansky. Carter looks stunning in her white lingerie and both the ‘Browns’ bookend Ms. Cruise perfectly.

Carter Cruise’s acting was definitely on point in the beginning of the scene and as a performer I think that’s what I’ve always liked about her the most. Gonzo or storyline, she could deliver the right personality and energy to fit the script. She never felt mislaid (no pun intended) in a scene.

(Note: If I had one criticism of this entire series it would be that this episode should have been the last one)

Episode three introduces Michael Williams for another standalone boy girl scene. This is another well shot and acted scene. The visuals are sharp, clean and framed well. It’s probably the lightest episode in the series but it nevertheless fits in well with the journey of Carter’s character.

Episode four gives us another threesome but this time we get Riley Reed and Rob Piper.

Kate’s character confides in Riley Reed’s character and she gets an invite to join in with her next hot session! This scene plays on the powerful sexual dynamic between the two female performers with Reed coaching the naïve Carter.

In summary this is a great series and a wonderful highlight in Carter Cruise’s adult career. Would I have liked to see this journey continue? Yes. Would I have liked to see Kate experience anal and a gangbang? Yes. Would I have liked to have seen her take on Reed’s role and introduce someone else into this lifestyle? Yes. But I am nevertheless grateful for the sumptuous feast served up within these four episodes.

Carter Cruise remains for me one of the brightest stars in the adult industry and I have no doubt that this series will continue to shine long after it gets labelled as ‘vintage’.