Stevie Moon Joins Matt Slayer on And Now We Drink

Candid and charming, Moon shines like a bright diamond in the sky on the enlightening and entertaining episode.
Apr 22 2024

Matt Slayer’s unfiltered, iconic And Now We Drink podcast welcomes adult performer Stevie Moon on its latest episode, now streaming.

And Now We Drink is like ”the conversation at the end of the bar” featuring your favorite writers, comedians, musicians, actors and adult film stars.  No topic is off-limits as Slayer and his guests delve into their personal experiences, sharing shameless stories that make you laugh, cringe, and maybe even blush a bit.  Listen in to discover more about their unique experiences and perspectives on sex, relationships, and life. 

On the fascinatingepisode 351, host Slayer and the multifaceted Stevie Moon venture into discussions about handling vulnerability, the universal challenges of illness, and navigating the complexities of the adult industry, including the unspoken realities of performing, and the impact of illnesses within the community.

The conversation doesn’t shy away from the gritty realities of life and work, including a critique of how the pandemic has permanently shifted on-set ethics and the importance of respecting health boundaries.  Moon also opens up about her own battles, bringing a deeply personal perspective to the highs and lows of living with an autoimmune disease.

But it’s not all serious, folks – the episode is peppered with laughter as they navigate the oddities of life, from the joys and hazards of adult convention season to the unintended hilarity that can come from misunderstanding industry terminology. As always, Slayer ensures the conversation remains grounded, even when it takes off into discussions on the weird, the wild, and the whiskey-soaked.

The latest episode of And Now We Drink features a rich discussion that moves from the humorous to the heartfelt with ease.  Stevie Moon’s candidness, paired with Slayer’s knack for deep conversation, makes for an episode that’s as enlightening as it is entertaining.

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