Kylie Quinn Guests on Matt Slayer’s ‘And Now We Drink’  

Adult film performer Kylie Quinn is the in-studio guest on the latest episode of Matt Slayer’s unfiltered, iconic And Now We Drink podcast, now streaming.
May 10 2024

And Now We Drink is like ”the conversation at the end of the bar” featuring your favorite writers, comedians, musicians, actors and adult film stars.  No topic is off-limits as Slayer and his guests delve into their personal experiences, sharing shameless stories that make you laugh, cringe, and maybe even blush a bit.  Listen in to discover more about their unique experiences and perspectives on sex, relationships, and life. 

On the fun and fascinatingepisode 354, Kylie Quinn and host Slayer into an engaging and often comedic dialogue, traversing a vast array of subjects, from the realm of inappropriate remarks to the burgeoning unease surrounding AI and robotics. The conversation also veers toward the effects of stress on physical well-being, underscoring the usefulness for stress management techniques.

The two share and compare their personal tastes in music, and recount memorable tales from their escapades in the city of Miami. Their dialogue is peppered with playful repartee, introspective stories from their pasts, and entertaining insights into their unique persepectives.

“You have no idea how refreshing it is to be interviewed and not have the interviewer ask me if my parents are disappointed in me, if they’re still together, how many guys I’ve had sex with, when I lost my virginity…  All that repetitive bullshit never came up.  It was like having a REAL and introspective conversation with somebody who sees and treats me as an equal, instead of focusing on the tiniest sliver of my life as a porn star. “

Kylie Quinn

“Nothing makes me happier than good conversation with good people, and with Mr Slayer here, I got to have that.  Can’t think of a better word than — again — refreshing.”

Enjoy the uncensored Episode 354 of And Now We Drink featuring Kylie Quinn at the program’s official website:, or on fine services such as:

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The video version of Episode 354 with Kylie Quinn premieres on YouTube May 17 at:  click here.

Video versions of all And Now We Drink podcast episodes are available early via Slayer’s.

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