I am honored to be nominated this year. As I said when HoneyHouse was named Best Public Relations Firm at the ASN Awards last year, the job of PR and communications is all about the client; I tell each one, at the outset, that they are the voice and HoneyHouse is the microphone. This is a behind-the-scenes job, done best, in my opinion, when the strategist is more-or-less invisible. Thus, campaigning for votes is a contradiction, to me. I don’t do it, and I prefer my work at HoneyHouse to speak for itself.
- Michael Whiteacre

“Nonetheless, I am deeply grateful for the acknowledgment (as well as for not being nominated in the estimable category of Stankiest Smelliest Feet). I extend my most sincere thanks to everyone at Urban X, and congratulations to the other nominees!”

The Urban X Awards ceremony will take place Aug. 25 at the Regent Theater in downtown Los Angeles.