And Now We Drink Marks 350 Episodes with Evelyn Claire

Matt Slayer’s unfiltered, iconic And Now We Drink podcast celebrates the twin milestones of 350 episodes and adult film star Evelyn Claire’s birthday, with the April 11 release of the beauty’s show debut.
Apr 12 2024

And Now We Drink is like ”the conversation at the end of the bar” featuring your favorite writers, comedians, musicians, actors and adult film stars.  No topic is off-limits as Slayer and his guests delve into their personal experiences, sharing shameless stories that make you laugh, cringe, and maybe even blush a bit.  Listen in to discover more about their unique experiences and perspectives on sex, relationships, and life. 

In the provocative and hilarious episode 350, host Slayer stirs some excitement as he invites Evelyn Claire over for a long-awaited and highly candid conversation. After years of missed connections and gentle edging—podcast-style, of course—Claire finally graces the show, diving into an array of topics that underscore her unique perspective on life, love, and the complexities of the adult industry.

The conversation veers from banter about awkward initiations and D&D connections to more profound discussions on relationships, health, and the pursuit of happiness amidst personal and professional challenges. The guest opens up about the nuances of intimacy and her evolving stance on performing and personal boundaries, shedding light on the demanding nature of the adult film sector and the importance of self-care and authentic connections.

Claire gets candid about her choices in partners, her nympho reputation, and the intricacies of navigating desire. Plus, hear why she reigns supreme in the world of armpit farts!

As revealing and reflective as it is hilariously entertaining, this episode stands out as a testament to the beauty’s resilience, grace and unwavering commitment to live on her terms.  Don’t miss out on the hilarious banter and Claire’s stunning revelations. 

Claire commented, “After months of begging and waiting for Matt to finally allow me on his show, it happened and I got so drunk I don’t remember any of it!”

Slayer added, “I’m a bad friend for waiting this long to get Evelyn on the show, but 100% this was worth the wait.  Evelyn was a laugh a second.  I always appreciate when someone is willing to have fun with it and not take themselves too seriously”

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