Rose, the owner/operator of Jackson, Mississippi erotic boutique Romantic Adventures, explains,

Tantric Meditation is a complex subject that can only be taught in person by a compassionate and well-trained teacher. When first learning the breathwork side of the art, it can cause intense physical and emotional reactions that should be handled with care and guidance.

Traditional principles help guide the experience for beginners: in addition to practicing in a safe space with focused breathing, Rose recommends building a three-dimensional and detailed visualization to fully engage with their partner.

I usually visualize walking into a beautiful park with flowered paths and benches to rest on, and I put a trash can near the entrance where I can toss my worries and concerns before I enter and relax.

From there, Rose says to

pay attention to and appreciate all of your senses while you’re in that moment, and make sure you are stimulating all of theirs as well; see your partner as their best self and focus on making their experience extraordinary.
It’s an act of creation when two people come together for sex; they are the embodiment of Gods and Goddesses coming together to create the universe. So when you see your partner as a god and bring an aspect of reverence to this deeply intimate and connected experience, it elevates the energy that moves between you.

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