Elaina St. James Zooms In on OnlyFans’ Oddest Fetish: Rating Dick Pics

When OnlyFans top model Elaina St. James joined the adult-friendly creator platform nearly two years ago, she knew she’d be asked to satisfy a colorful range of strange and unusual requests. It turns out that her oddest - and most popular - recurring fan request so far is rating their dick pics.

“As an average Midwestern Mom who’s only ever worked ‘normal’ jobs, getting familiar with OnlyFans’ many terms, acronyms and subscriber exchanges presented me with an unexpected learning curve and new set of rules to navigate,” she muses. “And finding unasked-for photos of creatively-shot genitalia among my personal messages took some getting used to. Now it’s just part of my job.”

She points out that this type of exhibition, which has also found footing in consensual sharing spaces such as Reddit, is a merely a high-tech display of old-fashioned male swagger. “Much like the sports trophies that decorate their walls, dick pics, in my personal experience, tend to come from a place of pride. After many conversations on OnlyFans with men of all ages, I’ve realized that, as with their cars, motorcycles and massive fish they caught on their last vacation, guys simply enjoy showing off their prized possessions.”

Unlike other creators, St. James notes that “my ratings are different in that I give an honest but kind assessment. I don’t put on a show about how much the photo ‘turns me on’; my feedback is sincere, and that authenticity is what my fans love about my page. I might recommend some manscaping, but I generally tell them ‘its a keeper!’ It’s become my signature line, because after all, the whole practice is silly and there is really nothing they can do to change it.”

In addition to rating members’ members, St. James also offers good advice: “Women are more turned on by a man as a whole package than by his, er, package; as part of my body positivity mission I’d like to say that that you don’t need to compare yourself to others or seek validation because you are perfect just the way you are.

“That being said, I have to say that I have encountered some outstanding physical specimens among the fans’ photo submissions; some are quite impressive, many are average, some are shocking!… but without a doubt, they are all ‘keepers.’”

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