Caitlin Bell Reveals Wildest Sex Dream for HUSTLER Magazine

Caitlin Bell answers the question, ‘what does a sexpot dream about when they can fulfill their own sexual fantasies almost daily?,’ in a new article for HUSTLER Magazine, now available online.

The blonde stunner recently joined a cross section of adult film performers, including Brenna McKenna and Minnie Scarlet, to share their steamiest sex dreams and naughtiest nocturnal visions.

Compiled and authored by adult performer Missy Martinez, “Sex Dreams of XXX Stars” acknowledges that “going to sleep is the second-best thing you can do in bed—taking a back seat only, of course, to a good bang session. The best way to combine them both is having a steamy, nasty sex dream!

In the article, Bell recalls a vivid dream sparked by the 2023 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo: “Instead of being able to just say hi to the stars and take their pictures, fans had the option to have their favorite stars perform sexual favors of their choice. I was of course participating and remember looking around and just seeing one giant convention orgy. There were giant prompters and TV screens everywhere, and the same energy that you get on the convention floor was there times 1 million [laughs]. At one point, I was having sex with a fan while eating out my secret crush, and both my hands were using dildos to fuck the shit out of two other girls. Every orifice of my body was filled. I have to admit—I woke up dripping wet and sweating.”

Bell commented on the published piece: “Sex Dreams of XXX Stars”:  “Who else can say they can share their naughtiest sex dreams and get them published for the world to see? We lucky individuals in porn! I had so much fun participating in this article. I shared my most intimate and wildest sex dream and it is a must-read. It’s an honor to be surrounded by such open-minded people.  It allows us to be sexually free not only in dreams, but in reality. “

The HUSTLER Magazine article can be viewed here:

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