Is AI Censoring Sex Education? Beducated Puts ChatGPT to the Test

Beducated, the largest pleasure-based sex-education resource in the world, has created the revolutionary AI Sex Coach feature in response to traditional AI channels such as ChatGPT that censor valuable information about sexual health and wellness.

Beducated Co-Founder/CEO Mariah Freya explains, “When ChatGPT first launched, we were excited about its potential for exploring sexual health. Yet we faced daily content violation warnings, ambiguous guidance and ban threats. Tech has sidelined sexual health before, and we’re stepping in to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

As the transformational technology of Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes access to human knowledge at lightning speed in advanced fields such as science, education and healthcare, online users are seeing content warnings pop up around the matter of sexual health.

“We’ve seen this before: social media censoring ads promoting sexual wellness and shadow-banning sex educators. ChatGPT promised to be different, as OpenAI’s policy ensures its acceptance to such content,” Freya says. “Still, it continues to be flagged, which begs the question: is history repeating itself?”

Freya states that when asking ChatGPT questions around sexual health, the chatbot will often send a content policy violation warning, vague answers and threats of account deactivation. “Our questions should have been acceptable under ChatGPT’s content policy, since it falls under the ‘sexual wellness’ umbrella. Why is this harmful? Because it discourages people’s questions for fear of adverse consequences.”

Beducated’s AI Sex Coach fills the gap left by other platforms, offering a censor-free approach to sex education. The chatbot has undergone extensive training, utilizing thousands of Beducated’s lessons on sex and intimacy created by world-renowned experts: a censor-free approach, ensuring users receive thoughtful, informative and unfiltered information.

As the world’s largest digital sex education platform, Beducated offers more than 100 unique courses of study, encompassing various aspects of sexual exploration, underpinned by a vast library of lessons and resources curated by distinguished sex educators, coaches and experts.

AI Sex Coach is free for Beducated members, with monthly subscriptions starting at $29.99 a month. Non-subscribers can send the chatbot up to ten messages per day for free, and also explore the service with a 24-hour free trial.

For more information, visit and discover the empowering potential of AI-driven sexual wellness education in the digital age.

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