Mick Blue Nears SoCal Spec E30 Championship Victory After Strong Performance at Buttonwillow

Mick Blue is speeding closer to clinching the 2023 Southern California Spec E30 Championship following an impressive performance at Buttonwillow Raceway Park this past weekend.

Under the banner of Mick Blue Racing, Blue and his yellow and black No. 76 Bad Dragon BMW 325i

secured 5th and 3rd place finishes, further solidifying his position in the season’s standings, with a commanding 98-point lead.

“Race 1 and Race 2 of Buttonwillow went great – I had to retire my car do to a technical gremlin in the fuel line during the third race – and they met most of my expectations, and especially driving in a way that allowed me to maintain my points lead and even extend it to get me to this final event,” said Blue of his favorable rankings as he approaches the final competition at Chuckwalla Raceway October 28-29.

As the season draws to a close, the SoCal regional Spec E30 championship is well within Blue’s reach; his consistent performance and impressive feats throughout the season have set him on the course to claim the championship title. Fans can catch all the thrilling action on his YouTube channel at YouTube.com/@mickblue7496.  

Checkout a clip from the race: https://youtu.be/MZu44cKVECM?si=T6ZnjNqMKJ7Kwhx-

Fans can find the official schedule of events at drivenasa.com.

Find and follow Mick Blue at Mickbluexxx.com and Twitter.com/mickbluexxx.

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