Elaina St. James Interviews OnlyFans Superstar Kitty Kristen on Chat n’ Laugh Podcast

Elaina St. James’ spanking-new podcast Chat n’ Laugh invites top OnlyFans MILF Kitty Kristen (@KittyKristen420) over for a frisky virtual interview.

laina St. James’ spanking-new podcast Chat n’ Laugh invites top OnlyFans MILF Kitty Kristen (@KittyKristen420) over for a frisky virtual interview.

A former healthcare professional of 22 years who discovered her wild side during a 2019 vacation in Mexico, Kitty Kristen opens up about her journey to success as a wildly popular creator ranked among the top 0.0% of earners on the OnlyFans platform, where she gets her signature Cat Ears, her famous online follower and the ‘Spinning Wheel’ she uses to create special content.

“Kitty has such a calm and positive vibe, plus a smile that shows her mischievous side,” said St. James. “She was such a pleasure getting to know during the podcast – another wonderful example of a woman who chose to leave the corporate world for the creative online world and found incredible success.”  

Get to know Kitty Kristen at KittyKristen.com.

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