Sawyer Cassidy ‘Unfiltered’ on Memorable ‘And Now We Drink’

From bar stories that would make seasoned drinkers blush, to insights on ‘pretty girl privilege,’ Cassidy’s fun episode is filled with candid and thought-provoking discussions.

Host Matt Slayer welcomes rising adult film performer and gifted raconteur Sawyer Cassidy on the hilarious new episode of his iconic And Now We Drink podcast.

And Now We Drink is like ”the conversation at the end of the bar” featuring your favorite writers, comedians, musicians, actors and adult film stars.  No topic is off-limits as Slayer and his guests delve into their personal experiences, sharing shameless stories that make you laugh, cringe, and maybe even blush a little.  Listen in to discover more about their unique experiences and perspectives on sex, relationships, and life. 

On episode 325, Slayer introduces listeners to the vivacious Sawyer Cassidy.  A charming and spirited storyteller, Cassidy captivates with noteworthy tales from her vibrant past.  Cassidy’s bar stories, stemming from her experiences as a bartender, are both amusing and eye-opening, offering a unique perspective on the bar scene and its dynamics.  

The duo delve deep into the intricacies of the adult entertainment industry, exploring it from the guest’s unique standpoint, and shattering some common misconceptions.  Cassidy also brings to the table her own perspectives on relationships, shaped by her personal experiences, in discussions that are as enlightening as they are raw and unvarnished. 

The freewheeling episode 325 sees Matt and Sawyer broaching topics that are often considered taboo, navigating through them with wit, humor, and respect.

Slayer said he has been able to create an extraordinary number of highlight video clips from the episode: “I gotta say, Sawyer Cassidy is one of the most clippable guests I’ve ever had on the show.  She is a ridiculous human and this was a super fun And Now We Drink.”

Cassidy enthused that her “absolutely unfiltered” session with Slayer contains “all the funniest, and craziest stories.  It made for the best night.  I would definitely do it again.”

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