Modern-Day Sins Tries On a Stylish New Scene in “Lust Triangles: Boutique Sneaks”

Studio:Adult Time
“Lust Triangles: Boutique Sneaks”, the latest sinfully wicked release from Adult Time Studio Modern-Day Sins, is having its cake - and eating it too! - when temptation comes knocking on the (dressing room) door.

Codey Steele plays both sides of the fence in this sexy comedy that centers on a shopping spree with his girlfriend (Lexi Luna); while his lady is trying on outfits, Codey is otherwise engaged with a side helping of the store’s stunning sales clerk (Bella Rolland) on the sly. Which one will come out on top in the end? Why not BOTH?

“We had a lot of fun designing a set specially for this concept,” explains the brand’s showrunner 3X West about this latest Modern-Day Sins episode. “We knew we wanted to create the ultimate public sex fantasy – the thrill of not just getting away with cheating right under your girlfriend’s nose, but also having sex in a very public place. So we set about making sure it looked as realistic as possible and planned for lots of clever hiding spots for our two duo pairings to fuck and frolic juuuust out of sight of each other, while still making everything seem risky and tense.”

Lust Triangles, one of the seven Modern-Day Sins that also includes Greedy CreampiesProud PervsCum Gluttons, Anal EnvyMad Fuckers and Idle Fantasies, offers viewers intriguing tales of entanglement when taking on two lovers for a perilous thrill ride. Sneaky sex, under-the-table & on-the-phone cheating, almost-caught themes and more keep tensions high. How will your love triangle end up? The only way to know… is to try.

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