Adult Time Series The Yes List Spotlights Consent with “Talk About It”

Studio:Adult Time
Adult Time series The Yes List, an empowering look at true-life, intimate stories based on sex and communication, announces the release of its newest episode, “Talk About It”, out February 20 exclusively at

Vanna Bardot stars as a young woman home from a long trip and makes a special stop at a lingerie shop before heading home to her man Codey Steele and surprises him by offering herself to him as a sexy treat to unwrap. They’ve both been so busy lately, and Vanna hopes that her going the extra mile will help get them in the mood. “I just feel like we’ve been really out-of-sync lately…”

The Yes List explores realistic hookup situations where the characters naturally integrate consent conversations into their buildup before the sex scene. Drawing influence from the cast’s real life connections, this series paints a realistic and relatable portrayal of how people navigate hooking up together in a context that everyone can relate to. 

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