OnlyFans Star Elaina St. James Talks Modeling in Midlife with Business Insider

Elaina St. James, OnlyFans’ most popular content creator over the age of 55, explains the secret to her professional success on the platform in a revealing new interview with Business Insider.

The 5’10” brunette beauty, who dreamed of success as print and runway model as a teen, has earned $630,000 over the past two years via her 3,400 subscribers by simply being herself: a “wholesome, funny, positive, smiling, a little quirky Midwest mom”.

St. James spent her formative years in a series of sales and office jobs that kept her financially afloat but unfulfilled, but in April 2021, after seeing others’ incredible financial success with the wildly-popular social service during the pandemic, she left the world of ‘normal’ jobs and made the leap to OnlyFans as well.

Now enjoying a fan base of enthusiastic followers of all ages that keep her busy with a constant stream of fresh content requests, St. James says that being able to pay for a new car, life insurance, vacations, retirement and her son’s college fund is a blessing. “I wouldn’t have been able to afford it” without OnlyFans, she says.

While she admits that being called an inspiration by younger, up & coming creators is a nice job perk – “it makes me feel so much better about myself” – she jokes that she is grateful to her teenage son for maintaining a practical levity about her online fame at home. “He rolls his eyes and calls it cringy.”

To read the Business Insider article in full, visit, which has been re-printed via Yahoo! News and Daily Star UK.

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