Transfixed Takes a Dip into Desire with “Fish Out of Water”.

Adult Time studio Transfixed plays with fantasy in a splashy new scene for fans, “Fish Out of Water” (out now) - where, whether on land or underwater, seeing is believing.

Two beautiful mermaids, Kasey Kei and Jewelz Blu, swim through the water in search of adventure. When they spot the fabled enchanted pearls, mysterious treasures that transport a mermaid into any body of water in the world, the duo makes a seaworthy grab that transports them into a swimming pool in the human world.

Eager to explore, they climb out of the pool and find that they’re each standing on two feet… their mermaid tails have been replaced by human legs! And that’s not all, they have new parts between their legs too, and further exploration reveals that touching these parts makes them feel warm and tingly… and SO GOOD. The joy of discovery is just beginning for these two mermaids!

Michael Vegas, who co-directed the aquatic tale with partner Siouxsie Q., enthused, “What an adventure of a production. I was really happy to get to use my SCUBA skills and gear to get some amazing underwater shots with our two actresses and our professional mermaid and underwater modeling trainer.

“Kasey and Jewelz made great finned friends; they played mermaids with such genuine wonder and enthusiasm that it was easy to get lost in their lagoon. And the whole Monster Mouth crew were on top of their game with safety and support for our models to make sure the day was nothing but smooth sailing. Minus the part where the underwater camera housing leaked!”

Siouxsie Q. said, “I’ve been interested in mermaids and how narratives about them can be metaphors for sex work, queer identities, and gender fluidity for years–so getting the opportunity to bring this tale to Adult Time is a dream come true that’s been a long time coming.  Getting to make a real life ‘mermaid porn’ with these incredible actresses seems like the culmination of an idea I’ve been ‘Transfixed’ by for over a decade. I’m so grateful to Bree and our pre- and post- production teams for making it all possible.”

“I loved shooting ‘Fish Out of Water’ for Transfixed with Kasey Kei,” said Jewelz Blu. “It was a magical day on set getting to play mermaids and bring an absolute fantasy to life. Kasey was a dream to work with and an absolute angel and our sex scene was so hot and full of passion and steamy chemistry. I can’t wait for everyone to watch it !

Kei added, “This might be the most fun I’ve had in a scene! It was such a unique experience playing a mermaid with Jewelz. She’s also super-hot, and it was so sexy performing with her. I’m so happy to have shot this scene. I think you can see on camera how much I’m loving everything!”

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