TeamSkeet Premium Feature Shoot Your Shot – A Freeuse Movie Available to ALL Members August 5th!

TeamSkeet Network, home of the FreeUse Fantasy series set in a freeuse world where people get to free use each other sexually anytime, anywhere with implicit consent, has released Shoot Your Shot - A Freeuse Movie, an all-star free-for-all that is now available for to ALL TeamSkeet members!

To find out more, visit and  View the official trailer here!  The stand-alone website includes cast member interviews and exclusives, the Smash or Pass Game, a video description of what Freeuse is, and more!

The successful pre-release for Premium Members gave subscribers an early look at the movie, and the reviews have come in!  “This has better storytelling than the last Star Wars Movies,” says dragoncry8, while lvnthsdsy984 proclaimed “Amazing work by all, a true throwback to some of the late 80s full length movies. I thought this was supposed to be porn, not great art. Well done!”  In closing, thetaylorluke stated “this is my favorite movie on this website, seriously well done.”

Shoot Your Shot stars Nicky Rebel as a salesman who works in a lively office, but dreams of becoming a successful writer. He has his sights set on a pretty co-worker (Penelope Kay), but fails at shooting his shot when his obnoxious rival (Peter Green) gets in the way. Penelope realizes that she chose the wrong man and goes after Nicky, but she fails to shoot her shot as well.

Dejected, Nicky decides once and for all to pursue his writing dreams in order to finally be worthy of the girl of his dreams. Penelope, meanwhile, works her way up the corporate ladder and each become more confident in who they are and what they want. Once Nicky’s novel is released, he’s ready to once and for all shoot his shot with Penelope. But does she still want to shoot her shot with him?

Charley Hart, Eden West, Leanna Lovings, Bella Forbes, Alexander Vega and James Drake also co-star as Nicky’s colorful co-workers, while Willow Ryder plays his supportive best friend. Each character plays a brilliantly interconnected and important role in the Evolution of Nicky, to exceptional effect.

“I am extremely excited for the release of this movie, and grateful to work with such an amazing cast.” Says Nicky Rebel. “This was an amazing experience that was so much fun to be a part of.”

Shoot Your Shot – A Freeuse Movie was directed by Vicky Vortex and written by Young Gerry, Pepper B, Acapulco Dan and Vincent Verga, who also Executive Produced the film.

Extended cuts with exclusive material are now available, which include FreeUse Fantasy (,  BFFS (, and TeenPies (  More extended cuts to be released in August with details on these coming soon!

Shoot your Shot is part of TeamSkeet’s “Skinematic Universe”. Much like the studio’s previous full-length picture, “The Corruption of Dakota Burns”, this movie is comprised of a four-part crossover of the network’s top series.

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