Step House Spoofs Fallout from Johnny Depp Trial in New Step House Parody.

Step House, (, the wildly addictive new taboo erotica studio from Vincent and Valentina Bellucci and Adult Empire Cash, announces the launch of an upcoming parody scene mocking the just completed defamation trial between embattled exes Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Directed by Valentina Bellucci, rising star Gia OhMy gives a gleeful performance as an enraged Hollywood star that winds up homeless after losing millions in a nasty legal battle with her ex. Her stepbrother Vince is her last hope in securing a space to hide out for a while, but Vince has a few conditions she must agree to first before allowing her in…

“In addition to working with Gia OhMy for the first time, this is also the first time we have ever shot a parody porn scene,” said Vincent Bellucci of the new comedy, set for an exclusive Step House release in the coming days.

“The camera work and overall quality that we brought to this shoot was exceptionally high for a pro-am studio like us, and Valentina is quite proud of her directing work on this scene. We are eager and excited to introduce this new release on the Step House site, and look forward to getting feedback from fans!”

OhMy echoed his enthusiasm, adding that her Step House studio debut in the hilarious tongue-in-cheek spoof was “a lot of fun to make… and it was my first parody!”

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