Mia Kay Learns Not to Hook Up with Strangers Online in DickDrainers Return

Gorgeous Mia Kay learns that not everyone is as they appear on the world wide web in “Mia Learns Not To Hook Up With Strangers Online…””, a kinky new fantasy scenario now available at DickDrainers.com.

The racy release is Kay’s second under a multi-scene performance contract with the studio.

Mia is sooooo excited! A couple of weeks ago, she downloaded an app to talk to cute local boys. Her parents DO NOT know about this and would absolutely flip if they found out! 

Mia thinks she’s old enough for anything. She just started driving, college applications are around the corner — surely she can handle talking to boys! In fact, she’s been talking to this one guy for the longest. His name is Branden and he’s sooooo cute. He’s from Greenwich, Connecticut, 6’ 1”, blond,e blue eyes and he surfs and plays Lacrosse! He’s so dreamy!

He’s been wanting to see Mia for the longest time, asking her to come see him but it’s always in this part of town where her parent’s told her never to go. Mia’s wondering why Branden is always over there (he says that’s where his friend lives) but it makes him even more exciting to her!

Today they don’t have to worry about meeting spots though, because Mia’s parents are out of town til tomorrow….so she’s going to be all alone. Perfect time to send Branden her address! She’s so excited to see him!

It’s going to be really, really exciting. Because Branden isn’t who he seems. He’s not from Greenwich. He doesn’t even know what Lacrosse is. He’s not blonde. His eyes aren’t blue. His eyes are black…just like the rest of him. Branden’s been waiting a long time to meet Mia. He loves little snowbunnies like her. Yeah, Branden can’t wait to introduce himself to Mia . . . every single inch . . . .

“Working with Mia is always a pleasure,” said DickDrainers honcho Branden Richards. “Great energy every time and the fans love her as well. Countless more updates to come!.”

Kay commented, “I really really liked this scene a lot and the way I dressed up, like the little princess I am.  I get so so so excited working with Branden every single time; it’s literally like a dream come true. 

“He’s amazing and definitely by far my favorite performer ever! He treats me so good and I always have such great chemistry with him it’s definitely untouchable. Can’t wait to see him again.”

“Mia Learns Not To Hook Up With Strangers Online…”” is now available for streaming and download. Check out the NSFW trailer here ( https://dickdrainers.com/tour/trailers/Mias-Online-Hookup.html ).

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