Disruptive Films Takes a Mysterious Trip to Briar Basin Ranch.

Award-winning gay cinema brand Disruptive Films is taking a tour out to the countryside with the release of its third - and final - episode of its dramatic feature Briar Basin Ranch, directed by the incomparable Michael Vegas and co-directed with the astute eyes of Siouxsie Q. and Jessica Jasmin.

The twisted film stars a talented group of actors, including Dakota Payne, Roman Todd, Brandon Anderson, Andrew Miller, Blain O’Connor, Killian Knox, Charlotte Sins and Dillon Diaz, who plays Julius, a young man who inherits the gay bed & breakfast that hides a dark, startling secret.

According to Diaz, “Briar Basin Ranch is definitely one of the standouts in my career; I’ve done a number of story-driven, character-based porn, but this is my first time in a leading role, and my first time being the bottom in a six-man gangbang… definitely two things that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time – and I’m glad that I finally had the opportunity to.

“All of my castmates were amazing to work with and brought something very special to the table… specifically the dinner table during the dinner scene. There was so much improv happening at the table that it was really hard to keep a straight face. My character was supposed to be deep in thought, catatonic, and just done with all of it. Trying not to laugh when my co-stars were dropping gems was the most challenging part of the shoot. I will never forget that scene or my very special crème brûlée.”

Vegas also enjoyed the process immensely: “Wow what a fun project! Briar Basin Ranch really brought together an all-star cast that fit the roles perfectly. Getting to see Dillon Diaz have his gangbang orgy dreams come true was a delight… so many bodies and so many muscles piled on and writhing with ecstasy. The Monster Mouth team is very proud of this project; getting to work alongside Jessica Jasmin and Siouxsie Q. was a blast, and creating this world for our characters felt oh so right. I’m so excited to show off what we made.”

Co-directors Jessica Jasmin and Siouxsie Q agree. Jasmin states, “I was very excited to be a part of this project – from sitting in the writer’s room with Taylor to being in on the action with Michael and Siouxsie Q., it was so fun to see the project come to life. I cannot stress enough how lovely the cast was, and how all the guys gave their best performances in both acting and sex. Briar Basin Ranch is a perfect example of how Disruptive Films is a creative collective – from the crew to the cast, to the editing and design teams, Briar Basin is a testament to our teamwork.”

Siouxsie adds, “This was my first time in a co-directing role for a multi-day feature, and it was such a delight to collaborate with Michael and Jessica, along with the rest of the cast and crew, to create this twisted tale. Each actor brought something special to the story, and this film includes some of the most jaw-dropping sex scenes I’ve ever seen. Dillon Diaz is such a star, and I loved seeing him shine in this role.”

The film has been touched by many talented hands, including those of award-winning writer Taylor Saracen, and Briar Basin Ranch promises to pack a punch for viewers while honoring the responsibility of telling taboo stories. Production pushes the content as far as it can while keeping compliance, and plans to wow the audience with the artistry expected from Disruptive. With high hopes of winning Gay Movie of the Year at the major award shows, Disruptive Films is proud to present Briar Basin Ranch in its entirety.

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