Adult Time’s ASMR Fantasy Uncovers a Real Doll in “Fixing You – Sexbot Repair Diagnostic!”

Adult Time Original Series ASMR Fantasy presents its latest immersive aural phenomenon that highlights the tingling sensation of soothing sounds and crisp notes that define the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) experience, “Fixing You - Sexbot Repair Diagnostic!”.

Serene Siren takes a new lifelike android (Christy Love) for a test run on behalf of her bosses at Pleasure Park before shipping out for delivery, and it’s her job to run a very thorough diagnostic process on the beautiful sexbot specimen to fix any mechanical issues. Luckily for this technician, Christy’s functionality appears to be PERFECT.

“I had such an awesome time making this scene! It was my first-ever experience with ASMR, and it was highly pleasurable,” said Siren. “I very much got into it and was loving focusing on all the little sounds and activities.

“Christy is such a delight to spend time with, and I think our sex scene was very erotic. She’s such a great squirter, and hearing her moans as the squirt splashed around us was so hot! I really liked the storyline and found the script to be unique and intriguing! I thought this film was neat and hopefully the whole world can see how much we enjoyed each other.”

Love echoed Siren’s enthusiasm, adding that “there was squirting everywhere and so much passion! I loved every moment!”

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