OEJ Novelty Introduces ‘How-To’ Video Series on New YouTube Channel.

OEJ Novelty/Our Erotic Journey proudly presents the launch of the company’s official YouTube channel, featuring a series of informative demo and description videos to help its customers get to know the products more intimately.

The educational page, which comprises and up-close & personal product staging of its most exciting new pleasure and wellness devices such as the OEJ To Space Collection’s Solar RingCosmo CritterEclipse Bunny and Gravity Rocket, offers a sneak preview of each item, a description of functionality, general information and warranty information all in one convenient place.

“With today’s retail landscape constantly changing and evolving we wanted to get as much information as possible to the consumer about our products,” says an OEJ Novelty representative of the channel. “The consumer now has so many choices when it comes to their sexual wellness needs that as a manufacturer, you have to figure out ways to reach target audiences.”

Savvy shoppers can scan the items’ QR codes with their mobile devices, and in seconds enjoy access to all pertinent information about the merchandise in order to create an knowledgeable spending choice. The mobile link takes prospective buyers to an easy-to-use menu where they can choose from a demo video that includes a full description of the toy and its specifications, or access the brand’s five-year warranty information.

This useful consumer tool also benefits OEJ’s participating retailers, as no one could expect that store employees would know everything about each individual product they carry. Now with just a swipe of a finger, they can answer a potential customer’s questions – even if they are a new employee or have not received a full training on a particular product. The more information that is easily available and on hand, the better.

“Prospective customers can check out this new feature on OEJ’S new “To Space” collection that is hitting retail stores now,” added the company rep. “We are incorporating this feature into all our products moving forward, as well as existing items already on the shelf.”

To learn more about OEJ Novelty, visit OurEroticJourney.com and follow on Twitter @secguo  Instagram @oejsecguo, Facebook @secguo01 and YouTube.

For wholesale orders, contact Tony Cleary at [email protected] and 818-425-9313.

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