Will Pounder is a Holdout Juror in Pure Taboo’s ‘Trust the Process’.

Award-winning adult performer Will Pounder stars in “Trust the Process,” a pervy twist on mainstream hits such as “Suspect” and “Runaway Jury,” created by Anatomik Media for Pure Taboo, the most award-winning taboo studio in adult entertainment.

The handsome leading man, an experienced mainstream actor who appeared on the TV series “A Grunt’s Life,” before joining the adult industry, has chalked up a string of compelling, well-reviewed characterizations of late and is establishing himself as a solid contender for nominations in the year’s top categories.

As “Trust the Process” opens, Sacha, the plaintiff in a jury trial, meets with her lawyer, Bill, while accompanied by her sibling, Linda (Vanna Bardot). Both women are frustrated because the jury hasn’t reached a verdict yet. Linda is confident that one particular juror, Juror 11, has been voting against the majority. Not only that, but he seems like a total sleazeball to her as well. Bill reminds them that they have to trust the legal process, then warns them that, despite their best efforts, they may still lose the case. Linda, refusing to let Sacha lose because of one juror’s ignorance, resolves to take matters into her OWN hands… 

A day later, Linda spots Juror 11, named Seth (Will Pounder) near the courthouse and pretends to bump into him. Linda then puts her plan into action, pretending to flirt and fawn over him, which causes Seth to take an interest in her. Claiming that she is writing an article on the trial for her college newspaper, Linda manages to get Seth to invite her over to his house to talk more about the proceedings (though it’s clear from the way he checks her out that he wants to do more than talk). 

Seth brings Linda into his home and they start talking about his role in the trial. He admits he wishes the trial could end so that he could go back to his normal life, causing him to confirm to Linda that he is indeed the juror holding back the verdict. NOW it’s time for Linda to do whatever it takes to sneakily convince Seth into changing his verdict…

“This was a really good, fun scene to create and the end result is terrific,” said Pounder.  “Some nice acting in it all around — I’m proud of this one.”

“Trust the Process” is available for streaming and download at PureTaboo.com ( https://www.puretaboo.com/ ).

Fore more information, follow Pure Taboo on Twitter: @PureTaboocom.

Find Vanna Bardot on Twitter: @vannabardot.

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