Stephanie Eild Takes on a Brand-New Persona as the Bikini Baker

Internationally published model, erotic cosplayer, and hot nerd who fulfills all your fantasies, Stephanie Eild always looks for new and exciting ways to thrill her fans and have a good time. She’s created a new character, the Bikini Baker, and each week she’s in the kitchen cooking and baking up new treats for her fans.

Stephanie Eild is changing her repertoire and adding a new original character, the Bikini Baker. Dressed in a micro bikini, she films one episode for her new YouTube Channel, The Bikini Baker. Plus, she films an alternative, more adult episode exclusively for her Patreon subscribers. The highly entertaining weekly segments have her making holiday-themed goodies, like St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes, Cinco de Mayo Frozen Strawberry Margaritas, and Easter Peep Milkshakes. Some of the items work out, and others are fails. But it’s so much fun watching her it doesn’t matter the outcome. The videos call upon her love of baking and cooking, and her fans can’t get enough.

While filming the SFW and naked versions of her Bikini Baker videos, Stephanie also takes pics in and out of the bikini and with the full meal/treat. Some of the mini sets of photos are available on Patreon, and others are for her social media. And in the future, Stephanie will gather the best images and put out an erotic cookbook.

“I wanted to do something different. When I do cosplay, I’m playing a character someone else created. But with the Bikini Baker, I get to be a whole new character and do something that I truly love, cooking and baking. Also, I wanted to expand my offerings to fans and the Bikini Baker is a hit! Everyone is enjoying it. With a just a month in, I’ve already picked up almost 3500 subscribers, and the videos have 6k to 15k views. It’s a lot of work filming two versions, but I have a blast doing it!”

Stephanie Eild

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