Stephanie Eild Is Too Sexy for YouTube & Denied 100k Subscribers Milestone Plaque.

Internationally published model, erotic cosplayer, and hot nerd who fulfills all your fantasies, Stephanie Eild’s YouTube Channel EILDTV is too hot with her wearing bikinis, tight dresses, and lingerie, unboxing products from sponsors, revealing shopping hauls, anime cosplay, and much more. She’s hot that when she reached 100k subscribers, Stephanie was denied the milestone plaque.

With hundreds of thousands of views and now 139k subscribers, Stephanie Eild’s EILDTV is one of the most popular channels on YouTube and has weekly updates. Despite following all the rules, YouTube has not only demonetized her but has also denied her the 100k plaque. Other channels that are far sexier have been awarded the same plaque.

Instead of being unhappy about the turn of events, Stephanie will continue to post weekly videos to her YouTube Channels, including the newly launched The Bikini Baker But she’s also going to focus more on growing her on Pornhub, which boasts almost 10k subscribers and 2.9 million views.

“Being a sex worker definitely has its benefits, but bias and discrimination on mainstream platforms has unfortunately become a common occurrence. Pornhub isn’t like that and rewards milestones with patches and jackets and plaques. I want to get not only the acknowledgement but also the rewards that I’ve earned and deserve. Hopefully, YouTube will change their policies and be less selectively exclusive,” says Stephanie Eild.

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