GoAskAlex Suits Up for ‘September Wardrobe Challenge’ in Sex Work CEO Blog.

Adult performer, content creator and sex work & disability advocate GoAskAlex takes a peek into her closet to dig into the ‘September Wardrobe Challenge’, where she offers tips to fellow creators on how to find inspiration from their props and costumes, up now at SexWorkCEO.com.

“With almost a decade of sex work under my belt, I have no shortage of toys and lingerie – yet when the time comes to film, I feel immobilised with no idea how to start,” she writes. “With so many options to choose from I am overwhelmed by decision paralysis. Many items end up forgotten at the bottom of a drawer.

“I’ve found this to be a universal experience among creators, which is why I created this challenge as a how-to guide for everyone in these circumstances – but don’t worry – this process is easy, fun, and most importantly it’s effective!”

Alex advises entertainers to take a fresh look with a complete closet overhaul by unloading their wardrobe: “Pull out your sex toys, costumes, your lingerie, your socks – dig in the back of your closet, and don’t stop at undergarments! Pull out a funky hat, a sweater, a summer dress, your favourite everyday outfits, and lay them out in front of you.”

She says that by snapping a photo of each garment and toy, then cataloguing them, helps with inspiration, then mixing & matching garments “might give you a whole new perspective. You might also be surprised to see that some of your funkier sex toys complement different accessories.” She then writes down ideas and also advises to “record everything that pops into your head, even if it feels silly.”

After categorising and organising the outfits accordingly, Alex notes that it helps to “take a look at the trending tags and genres on sites like ManyVids, IWC, C4S. Look through your wardrobe and notes, and build an outfit to match the plot.”

From there, Alex says that finding encouragement from other creators can be found by using “the hashtags #SWCEO and #SWCEOWardrobe to join in on the action and see how other creators are organising their wardrobes,” and feeling good about “avoiding unnecessary consumption. By minimising your participation in fast fashion, you are making a positive impact on the world. Since you have a catalogue of what you own, it’s much easier to avoid overspending – and to downsize the items you don’t use.”

To find encouragement and motivation from GoAskAlex and create your own wardrobe challenge, read the Sex Work CEO article in full at SexWorkCEO.com/post/september-wardrobe-challenge.

For more info about GoAskAlex, find & follow her at GoAskAlexOnline.com,  Twitter and Instagram.

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