GoAskAlex Releases Part Two of Her YouTube Video Series on Ostomy Systems.

Model, content creator and disability activist GoAskAlex is offering helpful advice about ostomy pouching systems in a new YouTube series on her GoAskAlexOnline channel, with the release of her latest video, “Why I Use a One-Piece”.

On the heels of her first informative clip, “The Difference Between a ‘One Piece’ and a ‘Two Piece”, the flame-haired performer, who underwent ileostomy surgery in 2019 for ulcerative colitis, openly discusses the pros and cons of each system and why a one-piece works best for her.

She notes that each appliance system serves a different purpose, but people with active lifestyles may enjoy the freedom of a one-piece over a two-piece. “The first time I used a one-piece was because they were sold out of the two-piece that I needed… I was amazed once I put it on, I was like ‘I feel like I’m not wearing anything’, whereas the two-piece is so bulky.”

Of the video series, Alex says that “my hope is that by providing these free educational resources, I can empower others to live more comfortably and not only survive, but thrive in their bodies. My health journey has required a lot of trial-and-error, and my goal with this video series is to save other ostomates the time and stress of figuring it out on their own.”

Alex has also posted two other educational clips for those who may want to better understand the process of her post-surgery routine and how she lives her daily life as an ostomate: “Ileostomy Q&A (one month post-op)” and “Ileostomy Q&A (one year post-op)”.

For more info about GoAskAlex, find & follow her at GoAskAlexOnline.com,  Twitter and Instagram.

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