Emily Mai Spotlights Fans’ Latest Crazy Pregnancy Fetishes.

Emily Mai, one of OnlyFans’ top fetish content creators, is revealing two over-the-top new requests that her subscribers have been clamoring for these past few weeks that she wasn’t quite ‘expecting’!

The mum-of-one, who is currently experiencing her own real-life pregnancy with her second child, says that fans have lately felt emboldened to share their deepest intimate child-bearing fantasies with her, and these two are currently making the rounds on social media:

“A fairly new request I’ve been receiving lately is for contagious/spontaneous pregnancy content where I pretend to ‘catch’ pregnancy, and go from not being pregnant to being pregnant instantly.

I’ve had a handful of requests so far to shoot content where I am waking up nine months pregnant,” she says.

Another popular request that she has received through both her OnlyFans and TikTok accounts “is to play along with men undergoing their own stages of pregnancy. I have had some men really enjoy talking to me as if they are pregnant, have had contractions or have experienced labour themselves. I’ve got a fan that has told me repeatedly that his dream is to be pregnant like me one day.”

Mpreg, short for male pregnancy, has been a fantasy for many men over the years, but has picked up speed with the rise of OnlyFans creators catering to their clients’ wild desires. “Maybe it’s because pregnancy fuels a primitive fascination that is very real, with the emotions that go along with it, and there’s a certain comforting and secure association that can be soothing.”

While this cultural interest has existed for some time – “fan fiction sites have catered to this phenomenon over the years as a curiosity” – Mai believes that many people have kept quiet about these fantasies, as they thought they might have been considered ‘weird’ in the past. “They’re not so quiet about it anymore.”

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