Cindy Starfall Reveals Secrets of Her Success to Authority Magazine in New Q & A.

Cindy Starfall was recently honored with the opportunity to discuss the productive strategies that comprise her rewarding work/life balance in an informative new Q & A interview for Authority Magazine.

The article, ‘Influencer Cindy Starfall Shares Her Top Selfcare, Wellness and Beauty Tips’, highlights the model, content creator and entrepreneur’s individual approach to long-term success – particularly in light of worker burnout and mental/emotional health concerns over the past couple of years.

“Building a brand was a priority… [then] I found ways to capitalize on it, such as connecting with my customers,” she explains, advising new models to “invest your money, because just like everything else, nothing lasts forever. Fast money doesn’t last… you need a backup plan.”

Starfall muses that as an on-camera performer, she also has another investment to protect – herself. “I’m selling [customers] a fantasy, a product in which they can forget about reality and focus on us,“ she says.

“Being busy can definitely be tough to take care of yourself, but I come first before anything else. I work out 6 times a week to release stress, including hot yoga sessions weekly. I don’t participate in any drug use or excessive alcohol consumption. I’m high on life naturally and confident with myself without all that stuff. I also do face mask/retinol treatments nightly.”

She adds that another way to maximize efficiency within her team is prioritizing communication and understanding how to interact with different personalities in order to support quality work performance for a smoother, less stressful flow.

“Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and as a leader of my team, I need to recognize which team member is good at what type of skills. It also helps me reflect on my weakness and how to improve them. We are not perfect, but if we can be open-minded about what we need to work on, that’s all that matters. We want to improve, not stay stagnant and expect people to treat us differently.”

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