Cate Osborn Discusses National Adderall Shortage in New Washington Post Feature

Cate Osborn, aka ‘Catieosaurus’, the popular content creator, media personality and co-host of ADHD podcast Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest with Erik Gude, is featured in a just-released Washington Post news article, “Adderall Shortage is So Bad Some Patients Can’t Fill Their Prescriptions”.

On the heels of the FDA releasing a statement about Adderall’s “intermittent manufacturing delays” and producers’ inability to keep up with demand across the U.S., experts are concerned with potential challenges in filling prescriptions – and patients with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are struggling with the ability to effectively cope in their daily activities.

“Adderall is not just there to help you write your college term paper. It’s there so you can feed your kids and go to work and run a household and manage your life,” Osborn states in the feature, which is reportedly affecting 6 in 10 pharmacies and giving rise to dangerous counterfeit pills containing methamphetamine.

Osborn’s co-host Gude says he has been off Adderall for a month and fraught with difficulties doing simple tasks such as cooking, caring for his dog and maintaining normal sleep patterns. “You are weighing the deficits of not being medicated at all with the devil you don’t know.”

While manufacturers are recommending alternative solutions and expecting the situation to improve in the coming months, Osborn insists that for those who are currently suffering without their daily dose of Adderall, the situation is dire.

“For a lot of people, this is vital, lifesaving medication. It is the difference between thriving and surviving.”

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