Adult Time Series ASMR Fantasy Predicts a Psychic Sensation in “Love Is in Your Future”.

On July 2, Adult Time series ASMR Fantasy is back with a tingly tale about a fortune teller with an eye on a beautiful prize in “Love Is in Your Future”.

Directed by Siouxsie Q & Michael Vegas, the spellbinding story follows psychic Ariel Demure as she welcomes Vanessa Vega into her spiritual lair for a very intimate reading: from gazing into a crystal ball to pulling from a deck of cards, Demure foretells a fortuitous fate of sensational seduction.

Throughout the scene, Demure and Vega arouse an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) experience through soft-spoken words and the exaggerated sounds of striking matches, waving sage, shuffling cards, tapping fingers grinding tea leaves and pouring water into a cup with the help of binaural/3D audio to produce a spine-tingling, fully immersive sensory response.

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