Valentina Bellucci Chats with Lisa Ann for Dudes Do Better Podcast

“Valentina Bellucci Shares Her Inspiration”, the latest episode from Lisa Ann’s Dudes Do Better podcast, spotlights the Italian beauty in a revealing interview on YouTube.

Bellucci opened up about her experiences as an expat from Floridia, Italy to Florida, USA – “I moved from Italy when I was just five… I no longer speak Italian, shame!” she laughs – and finding her zen in artistic pursuits like making jewelry. “I love to be surrounded by nature, just peaceful in my comfort zone… not necessarily talking to anyone, just by myself.”

She also discussed shooting original content for her production studio, Step House, which is coming up on its first-year anniversary. “I’ve always wanted to be not only in front of the camera, but also behind the camera because… porn is an art for me, so I like to present it… in an artistic way. I’m kind of old school, so I like porn from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

“With Step House we are trying to explore different genres… we are focusing on the step genre, but we also want to spice it up with different kinds of things… and present it in a normal, artistic way because maybe people don’t say it, but that’s what people want to watch… simplicity is the key, I think, you know?

Bellucci also believes in advocating for women while shooting scenes, as the male-dominated field can be intimidating, especially for new talent. “Without women’s energy, it can get a little overwhelming… my goal is to be present as the director… I just want to be there for the women on set and just talk to them and be as supportive and as helpful as I can be… because I know that that’s what I was missing when I was shooting.”

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